East Texas Oil Field

The East Texas Oil Field is located in East Texas, covers 132,000 productive acres, and covers most of Gregg, Rush, Smith, and Upshur Counties. The discovery of the field in 1930 is credited to C.M. “Dad” Joiner and his famous Daisy Bradford #3 well located in Joinerville, Rusk Co., Texas. Since its discovery, the East Texas Oil Field has produced 5.2 billion of the 7 billion barrels that it originally held. To this day the East Texas Oil Field is the most prolific oil reservoir to be discovered in the continental United States. 30,340 wells have been drilled since the discovery of the field on October 5th, 1930. Another intersting fact about the field is that due to the demand for oil from World War II and the enormous amount of production in the field, the world’s largest pipeline (“The Big Inch”) was built from the field to Philadelphia. 

The First Well

The Daisy Bradford No. 3